What is for you will find you

So, it’s been a good amount of time since I last wrote. Lots has happened so I’ve been holding out LOL. September has come and gone, Summer is long over. Now we transition to High School basketball season from Summer Travel Season. This transition is normally a difficult one as August, September and October are months where students are starting school, getting use to the schedule and preparing for basketball season. This is also a time where college visits and scholarship offers happen.

This time of year can be scary for a Senior ( and Underclassmen) because “so and so is getting an offer from here”. My least favorite line to hear as a coach. Players often become frantic because they see all over social media someone got an offer or visited a school and they did not. Now, it is human to compare and judge (unfortunately) and now with social media, everyone’s offers and interest are publicly listed several times (sometimes when they are not even true).

Here is what I 100% believe in. And not just in offers but in life. Even I as an adult struggle to understand when I am in tight or uncomfortable situations so I COMPLETELY understand a teenager struggling with this , “What is for you, is for YOU!” I translate this to my players like this, no matter who gets an offer from where or gets an invite to go visit somewhere, wherever you are suppose to get an offer from will come WHEN IT’S SUPPOSE TO! 2.1 % percent of High School Female athletes go on to play college basketball. This is Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and NAIA!!! 2%!! The path that God has designed for you will happen, but not on your time, on HIS. So what if your opportunity is offered in March after high school season, instead of October before the season. So what if the school wants you to get on campus first to tour before they offer, GO!! SO WHAT if you decide you do not want to sign in the early November signing period and choose to sign in April instead. EVERYONE’s path is different. SO WHAT if your scholarship is made up of some athletic money and then some academic money?? You are still going for free right? Even if it is basically free, maybe you have to cover books or do a work study. REMEMBER 2.1 %???? Some I encourage to take the offer early because it is probably one of the best they will get (100% paid, good fit, good academics). Some I encourage to wait to send more film and get more info on the coaches and program. Everyone is different! PLEASE make sure the people in your circle helping YOU make this decision, actually have YOUR best interests at heart. Find time to visit, find time to talk, find time to get your SAT or ACT scores UP to receive more aid. FIND TIME and be HONEST with yourself about what’s best for YOU. Even if “so and so got an offer here”, we do not know the logistics behind the offer, so why bother? What is for you, will NOT pass you! So instead of worrying about who’s got offers, get in the library and study more for classes, GET in the GYM and get some EXTRA SHOTS UP!

There’s so much more to this topic, but I’m just going to gracefully brush the tip of this iceberg LOL.

The real stress is going to be when you actually choose YOUR school and get on campus as an actual student. Playing college sports will be a full-time job, in fact your scholarship kinda means you are getting your education paid for in exchange for your athletic services! According to a NCAA survey last year, playing women’s basketball was equivalent to working a 37.6 hours per week job, ON TOP of going to school FULL TIME 🙂

So enjoy the process, enjoy the ride and find a path, school, academics, coach, program that best fits YOU. What is for you, will NOT pass you, ALWAYS!


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