Change doesn’t like your comfort zone

Alright! It has been quite some time since I last wrote.  A LOT has happened, my team’s season has come and went, I went to Montenegro for the 2nd time and loved every minute of it, my NINE seniors who I LOVE have graduated, joined a Run Club (LOL),  I stepped down from my coaching and leadership position with my travel team, I TURNED 30, I stepped down from position as a coach and administrator at the school I was at, I joined Burn Bootcamp ( I am now very much obsessed with it) and I am currently trying to pack my life away to storage as I prepare to relocate with my husband in EUROPE (I have never lived outside of NC)…. WOW. It’s been a lot and only in 6 months. For some reason, I thought I had it all under control until I realized this is definitely not something I can control or plan and God is trying to teach me some things during this time. I realized this of course after having a few break downs of “what have I done”, “what am I doing”, “who the heck am I” ????? Most people I am sure are like why is she having a breakdown, she’s moving.. with her husband.. who plays professional basketball… her life is good, she’s over reacting. Well, YES!! Moving and being with Brandis is going to be GREAT! But a part of me, actually a big ol’ chunk of  me is scared to death of the unknown. I’ve avoided friends, missed some fun things I had planned to do, I have avoided doing things I normally would LOVE to do with others and just focused on me because well I am so afraid of losing “me”.  I have always had “me” and have worked my tail off to establish who “me” is. And now…”ME” is changing DRASTICALLY and very fast (and I’m not just talking physically, because Burn Bootcamp has literally kicked my rear-end to being in shape LOL). I realized that the main thing about “me” has remained constant and clear. God has me and is guiding me on this crazy life I am living and the even crazier (in an exciting way) I am getting ready to embark on (and did I mention.. with my HUSBAND). God has challenged me a lot these past 6 months (there has been a crazy amount of stress, tears and situations) and I am positive I failed some of those challenges miserably. But the AWESOME part is he continues to challenge me and never gives up on me, even when I decide to give up on myself. Sooooooo, it may have taken a serious amount of time ( and I am someone who lacks patience, hence another challenge from God LOL), but I finally realized, I am not losing “me”, I am actually growing and blossoming in to a whole better / stronger version of ME! There are so many positives happening my life and with my career, I should be THANKFUL for the opportunities I am being presented with. I still get to be “me”, just in a different capacity and in a different place. Change is good, because nothing ever grows in comfort zones and I am THANKFUL for the fact that even though I am being completely thrown out of my comfort zone, it’s a happy and it is good. GOD is GOOD. And I need to tone it down when trying to control everything. He’s showing me he’s got this. So as long as I know, remember, and BELIEVE this… I am OKAY, actually much better than okay but you get the point! 🙂

P.S. Part of the next step is blogging more and more about some fun topics, things that happen in our lives, basketball and coaching! This will all be connected to our website (EXCITING) we will use for training services. So be on the lookout!

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