4 Things that you can do on your own to help prepare you for the 2nd July Evaluation Period.

Okay! Everyone is officially home for the small break between the two Live Periods in July. What are some things you should be doing during this time to that are good for your body?

1. Well it is definitely time to stay off your feet and get some rest. Last year, my squad played 14 games in 7 days during the first evaluation period (injury FREE thankfully). Take Ice Baths, 20 minute ones. This is so good for your body, it basically rejuvenates you. Throw your legs up on the wall and do the Lactic Acid Stretch. Latic Acid builds up in your body during physical exercising, this stretch helps reduce this. (The Feature Picture of this Blog is of my team last year doing this stretch) Roll out on the foam roller and get a good 20 minute stretch in every day. Your body will thank you!

2. Get up A LOT of SHOTS. Simple shots. Form shots, shot fake shots, pull up jumpers. And I wouldn’t count the shots you shoot, I would count the makes. I would also suggest maintaining your conditioning by getting your sprints in. Remember there is a huge difference between the player that gets up and runs because Coach told them too and the player that gets up and runs because she wants too (Heard this quote at our Immaculate Training Pro Day when Gil McGregor spoke, he is a very wise man).

3. Review Film of Yourself! Not just the highlights but whole game film. Take notes on what you see about your game positively and negatively. Watching film everyday can help you TREMENDOUSLY. You will be able to see sometimes we don’t exactly see everything on the court while it is happening. Maybe that time coach got on you about not being in help and you “thought you were there”, you really see that you did not fully commit to help and that is why they scored. I would even encourage you to watch yourself on the bench, are you cheering? Getting hype? Or do you see yourself sitting at the end of the bench away from your team, not standing up when your teammates come to the bench? Not watching film is NOT an option in college, so prepare yourself now by watching!

4. Answer and return all College Coaches calls in a timely fashion. Remember they could be calling anyone else, but they chose to call YOU! Revisit my old blog for some suggestions on what to discuss during these conversations with coaches!

Remember, this doesn’t include what you do with your team. These are all things YOU must take the time on YOUR OWN to do!

–Coach Ashley
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