4 Tips on Social Media for Recruits

Social Media has made itself a very important tool in people’s everyday life. Whether it’s a morning scroll, a daily workout post, comment or “like”, we use social media daily. This has put a different ripple in recruiting. Coaches want to follow recruits to know inside their life more with the details they share to their followers. Sometimes this can help the recruit, sometimes… this makes them not recruitable. Below are just a few tips to think about when using Social Media.

1. No Vulgar Language: This means from YOU, from the music in the background or from other people in the video TOO. This includes hand gestures or any other type of signals. I have heard so many college coaches say this is something they don’t allow their players or want their recruits to do. It is not how they want their school represented.

2. Make Sure Your Clothing is Appropriate: You need to have clothes on. It is known that attire nowadays is more revealing, however I encourage recruits to be careful with what they reveal. I’m not saying wear a full turtleneck and jeans all time… Make sure what you are wearing is respectable and does not have any type of symbols, sayings or prints that are not appropriate. Even if it’s something you think a coach would not understand or know… Do not do it! I know of a player (that was getting recruited by GREAT schools), that posted a photo on Social Media, of her in socks with marijuana leaves on them. When I asked her about the photo, her response was, “but my mom bought them for me”. Three different schools asked me AND HER about this photo she posted, they decided they wanted to view her more in depth before offering and pulled back A LOT on her recruitment. They never offered.. No matter who buys the product or whatever… Do not post a photo on Social Media in it!

3. Sharing, Retweeting, Liking: You will be associated with what you click! If you retweet something on twitter, like something on Instagram or share something on Facebook, please be aware of what you are promoting. You are immediately associated with it on Social Media! If someone else’s posts song lyrics with all type of curse words in it and YOU retweet it, it is now YOUR post! I have heard TOO many stories of recruits losing scholarships over what they post or retweet on Social Media.

4. Do not post about narcotics: Any type of illegal substance should not be mentioned or suggested about on your Social Media… AT ALL. I really hope this is self explanatory. A close coaching friend of mine told me about his player who was highly recruited player our area. She skipped school one day with her teammate and posted a video on Social Media of herself smoking marijuana. She did this even though coaches that were recruiting her, followed her. She LOST ALL HER offers and interest immediately!!!

Remember you are representing a very special product… YOURSELF! Make sure that you are representing yourself in a positive and RECRUITABLE manner! Not only are you representing yourself, you are representing your school, your family, and your team!

Another IMPORTANT tip is, once you’ve posted something on Social Media, it only takes 1 second to be a SCREENSHOT! Even if you delete it, someone could have already seen it, snapped it and sent it out to people! BE CONSCIOUSNESS OF WHAT YOU POST!

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–Coach Ashley

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