4 Tips to have a SUCCESSFUL 2nd Evaluation Period for Recruits

The Second Evaluation Period for July is about to start! Players have had some time to rest and regroup with their squad. Below are some helpful tips to have a fun and successful time!

1. Learn from mistakes made in the 1st Evaluation: Every single player made mistakes! Mistakes are opportunities to learn lessons and IMPROVE! Hopefully, during your break you were able to view film of yourself so you have physically seen the adjustments needed on the court. Make sure to evaluate your attitude and how you treat your teammates and coaches! This is very important as well. Remember, College Coaches watch EVERYTHING! Also, be HONEST with yourself. Do not expect to be hitting all your jumpers if you did not put up any game speed shots on your own during the break!

2. Continue to be hungry: Just because you receive phone calls or offers from college coaches, does not mean you lose your hunger. As quick as you received those calls and offers, you can lose them just as quick! If your team won a championship in the first evaluation (CONGRATULATIONS), your team must keep the same fire and drive that pushed them. The evaluation period is split into two periods in July for a reason. REMEMBER, there is NO September Evaluation period this year, so THIS IS IT!!!!

3. Be a supportive teammate: Some of your teammates may not have received the same calls. It is important to keep everyone involved with your team positive and ready to work! The 2nd evaluation is important for college coaches AND players! You don’t like the way you played the 1st evaluation? The 2nd evaluation is there for you to bounce back with! Encourage your teammates and YOURSELF to think this way and to play hard!

4. Make sure you are listening to your COACH: It is a common occurrence for players to go home and get an earful of what they should be doing from their “coaches in the stands”. Make sure what you are doing during the 2nd evaluation period lines up with what your coach on the sidelines is asking! This should be the ONLY coach you listen to. I have experienced this situation to many times during July. A player goes home during the break, comes to practice doing things I would never ask them to do or want them to do. They are doing things that do not go with their role for our team or for our plays. When I try to correct this, sadly, it continues. I put the player in during 2nd evaluation period, and they are doing the same crazy things I tried to correct in practice. I am forced to take them out… I don’t want to take them out but the fact they keep looking in the stands and doing what is being instructed there versus what I am asking them to do (which is also best for the team), forces me too.

Most importantly, ENJOY this last evaluation period! Basketball is a great sport and when it is played the right way, it is FUN! If you are a 2019, enjoy your last round and let the fun show on the court! Go get those scholarships!!!

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–Coach Ashley

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