2 Important Things to Look For When Choosing a Trainer

So the second evaluation period is ending and it’s time to head home. Hopefully, you take some time off and let your body rest. After your rest, it’s time to get back in the gym and get back to work. Obviously, there is a break before high school basketball workouts will start but if you take basketball serious you will be in the gym during this break. One of the top things to do during this time is to “get a trainer”. Below are just a few things to look for when finding a trainer:

1. Experience: This is important!! Your trainer should have an extensive level of experience playing or training basketball players. This level needs to fit where you ARE or where you plan on GOING. For example, a trainer that only played in high school hasn’t felt the grind of Pre-Season Conditioning for College Athletes. The demand on a College Athlete is A LOT and it helps tremendously to have someone in the athlete’s life that has been there before. A trainer that has only played in College, has not felt the grueling parts of an 82 game season combined with an extensive level of taking care of your body to make it through that season like a Professional Player has. What type of clients does the trainer have or have had in the past?Look back at the history of who they have trained, for how long and where did those players go. Is the trainer known in the coaching world for the right reasons? Some trainers will say they worked closely with a high profile player and really they were observing a training session this player was at. It has become quite common (unfortunately), that “trainers” can’t beat the player they are teaching in 1 on 1. There are alot of “trainers” training not to help the player, but to help themselves.THANKFULLY, there still is a small amount of trainers that take the time to break the game down, teach it the right way and actually care about the individual they are teaching. In my opinion, there is an overflow of “trainers” but a very small amount of “teachers”. I’ve seen “trainers” wait after games to hand players T-Shirts, Arm Sleeves, any of their products just to be able to post on Social Media that this player is wearing their gear. Its normal nowadays for a trainer to try to show you how they think Stephen Curry did that hesitation dribble into a step back three pointer they saw on television 3 nights ago. What’s not normal (sadly) is a trainer being able to break down that move to three different parts, teach those parts and when / why to use them, then put them all together. They should be able to demonstrate AND DO the workouts / moves they are teaching you! They should also be able to tell you when to and WHY you should use the move. Watching youth basketball you see players trying to Euro-Step before they try to make weak hand layups. Why are you Euro-Stepping on air but shooting a left side fast break layup with your right hand? Who said this is okay? LOL… If you do the right research (this is key) and invest time into knowing who is training you, you should be fine. Remember you are investing money in this trainer by trusting them to help prepare you basketball wise. RESEARCH THEM!

2. Honesty: Your trainer needs to be HONEST with you! Your trainer should be able to get on you. They should be able to correct you. They should be able to push you!! We all have down days or days that we could not throw a rock in the ocean. Its normal, we are all human. The true test is only allowing the slump a short stay. But if your trainer doesn’t get on you on your down days, they are not holding you accountable. If you have ever went through a workout and the trainer didn’t say one word to you about improving or making an adjustment to something in your game, you need a new trainer.A great trainer invests themselves in your improvement.

Like I said above, these are just a FEW things to look for. Most importantly, remember a trainer can’t train lack of work ethic. If you go to the gym on a consistent basis not wanting to be there, not wanting to put the work in, or not going game speed, what the trainer is teaching you will not connect on the court. Also, it is so so so important to go to the gym ON YOUR OWN! If you can not make the time to put in work on your own, you need to reevaluate your goals! So PLEASE make sure you evaluate yourself as well!

That’s all I got for these tips! Stayed tuned and don’t forget to follow @ImmaculateTrain on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

–Coach Ashley

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