First BLOG from Europe! During my preparation to move, I received so many calls from parents and texts from players asking questions about transferring high schools or changing AAU Teams because their Summer did not go as they planned. So what better topic to write about than JUMPERS!

Have you ever heard of the word “Jumpers”? This word has many different meanings, but for this BLOG it’s a word to describe a player that is constantly changing teams or schools.
It is understandable to have to move with your family and this results in changing teams and schools. It is even understandable that you must change your team because you want to take your game to the next level and the team you’re going to plays a better schedule, does more development work or will play you at the position College Coaches want to see you play.. These are not forms of “Jumping”. Below are 3 facts about “Jumpers”.

1. Being a jumper is when you have went to 3-4 different schools all in the same area. For example in South Charlotte North Carolina, there is an on going merry go round of players jumping from private school to private school. I can name players that have been to at least 3 different high schools in that area, all for basketball purposes. A jumper also changes AAU Teams every Summer or even plays for multiple teams during the season. Something happens within their AAU Team, they immediately leave and go to another squad that has promised them many things. I once had a conversation with a College Coach about recruitment and this coach made it very clear that she will not recruit a jumper. The coach stated that if the player can’t decide on a team to stay, grow and build with, what makes the player think the coach should trust they will be able to change this habit and stay at their University with them? Makes a lot of sense.

2. Most of the time Jumpers never see that the common denominator in all their issues with coaches, teams, and schools that continuously bounce around from is THEM! Jumpers always point out how their coach was not doing things they feel they should have been doing. They jump from team to team, always looking for what they think is right instead of staying the course, communicating through issues or questions and working hard. Instead of growing and working through adversity, they RUN from it. Adversity is what molds, develops and pushes you. Running from it only stunts growth. I coached a player and she constantly complained I made the team “do to much”. We lifted weights, conditioned, had study hall and practiced. While this a workload, it is as close as I could make our schedule to what the players would be experiencing in college. This teams purpose was for me to help them make it to college, so it made sense when you took the time to think about it. This player only made it with me for one season, she wanted to go to a different team that did not ask so much of her (her words). While she was with me, she did get one Division 1 offer, that she ended up accepting. However, when she got to college she did not make it through the season and was immediately looking to transfer. She called me asking for help stating the coach she was playing for “was doing to much and wanted to much”. It sounded extremely familiar, LOL, I feel personally this is a big component to why there are SOO many transfers in Women’s College Basketball. Players always have an option to leave and move to a different team in high school. Anytime something does not go their way or are pushed, they have the option to run the other way.

3. Jumpers believe everything coaches from other schools and AAU teams promise them. It is no secret that coaches / organizations recruit players away from their current teams to come join their team or organization. I have heard of so many things promised to different players (gear, scholarships, money,etc…) and once the player gets to the team, it is nothing like what was communicated!There was little to no research done before joining the team. The grass is not always greener on the other side, but it will become greener where ever you water it! Think about it!

Most Importantly, a player must understand College Coaches note all the teams you leave and join, how often you change teams, your reasons why you left your old team and your reasons of why you joined the new team. Make sure these reasons are valid, true and what is best for YOU!

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–Coach Ashley

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