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Immaculate Training’s mission is to help aspiring professional, current professional, collegiate & high school athletes receive more exposure. We focus not only on the fundamentals of basketball but also of LIFE. Our goal is to provide training & exposure that gives the trainee a stronger foundation that will help them succeed at the next level of their playing career.

Immaculate Training provides camps, routines and regiments that are based off of our experiences playing at all levels ranging from high school to professional.

We offer several different training options, camps and International Tours! 

Please contact Immaculatetraining@aol.com to speak directly with our management team for more information!


The 2019 Select Camp will be in Charlotte. NC on June 9th. The purpose of this camp to help our attendees be selected to be apart of our Tour Team that is traveling to Croatia in September of 2019. We will have Coaches and Agents in attendance.
Cost: $175.00 (Must be paid by June 2nd). This payment arrangement is Non-Negotiable and Non-Refundable. CONTACT IMMACULATETRAINING@AOL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION!

Immaculate Training is taking a Team of Aspiring Professional & Current Professional Basketball Players to Croatia September 1st-10th 2019. We will compete in 5 games against strong European competition and experience life as a Pro. We have reached out to many Coaches, General Managers, and Agents that will be in attendance and following our team. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!! We have had 2 previous tours & several players have signed professional contracts due to their performance during these tours! CONTACT IMMACULATETRAINING@AOL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION!


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